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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Rosie is 6.5 months old and has so far done 12 flights {with another one planned for this week to America!} and 8 of these flights we have done solo. So I've had plenty of time to trial and error what works and what doesn't so thought I'd jot down a few things over learnt along the way!

1. Depending on where you're going depends on how heavy to pack.

Going to visit friends/family who have cribs/baby equipment/nappies etc... pack as LIGHT AS POSSIBLE. Anything you can buy at the destination, do it. Your back will thank you. Going somewhere where you won't have so much support... pack EVERYTHING. I even took the clip on highchair and the baby bath to Greece recently. Anytime your baby can be in these at the destination is rest time for you which is so important when on your own!

2. Baby wearing {whether in a sling or more substantial carrier} is LIFE through the airport. And then also on the plane you can stand and rock to sleep knowing that they are safe, secure and away from aeroplane germs. Downside is that potentially you will spend a good portion of the fight standing {when they are bigger... my latest trip to Crete for example} but thats a small price to pay when you have friendly cabin crew to bring you cups of tea and a quiet sleeping baby!

3. Bring your own car seat. We tried once not bringing our car seat to Mallorca and ended up regretting this decision as soon as we saw the hire car seat from a reputable hire company at the other end. With most airlines you can check 2 pieces of baby luggage for free, so I highly suggest making this one of them. We also have a bag for ours, to protect it from scrapes and dirt as it goes through the airport. I know there's some controversy about how they look after car seats if you check them in at bag drop, but when you're flying solo you don't really have a choice as you're going to struggle to cart that around the airport with you! {When flying with another person/set of hands I would say take it to the gate and gate check it to minimize any bumps it may get along the way}.

4. Feed baby on take off and landing. Try to hold off until the last minute so that they are really swallowing lots during ascent and descent. Helps to equalize the pressure in their ears and stop the pain.

5. Don't stress! If your baby has a meltdown mid flight, don't worry about the other passengers! They have probably realized by now that you are solo with your baby and actually have infinite amounts of respect for you undertaking that challenge! Just do what you need to do to sort your babe out un your own time, other people will survive.

6. That said, make use of friendly other passengers! If there is someone you are sat next to that you happen to strike up a conversation with and you trust them, let them hold your baby whilst you go pee! They're stuck on an aeroplane so not going to go anywhere, and sat down so are going to struggle to drop your baby. Obviously it requires character judgement on your part, but it gives you a chance for a couple of minutes respite.. and have you ever tried peeing in a tiny aeroplane toilet with a wriggly baby strapped to you?!

Solo travel with you baby is hard, but so worth it. It gives you so much satisfaction and confidence to say "yes, I CAN do that!" and you'll make some unforgettable memories!

*You'll notice I haven't mentioned anything to do with pushchairs/strollers. I have always taken my bugaboo fox but have recently bought a babyzen yoyo for my upcoming solo trip to the US so will report back on how that goes!

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