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Moving across the world and setting up our new home in the midst of a pandemic has been strange to say the least.

On the one hand, it's been a blessing because Rob has been home so much more and his family have been able to lockdown with us when usually they would be at work- giving us some family time that we have never had before (and Rob hasn't had since he went off to West Point nearly 10 years ago!) and also the ability to get the house unpacked and sorted quicker than we planned.

On the other hand, its been scary and often hard- moving and learning to live in a new place where we are not allowed out to explore our new area or meet anyone - I have been to the supermarket, Lowe's hardware store, and Starbucks drive-through (all within 5mins of the house) and thats pretty much it in the last 8 weeks.

We live in a little DIY/unpacking bubble and although fun, I am itching to take Rosie out to explore and get to know this new place we are now calling home.

But for now, our days are spent at home and look a little like this- (I am so nosey and always wonder how other Mummy's structure their days!)

5:30am Alarm goes, Rob gets up to workout. Sometimes I join him... sometimes.

7am I get up, Rosie wakes up, has a bottle of milk and I make a cup of tea.

8am We have breakfast altogether - usually porridge, overnight oats or eggs (with spinach/kale/broccoli) on wholemeal toast.

8:30am Rosie gets dressed as is usually covered in breakfast!

8:45am-10am(ish) is playtime! - Whatever Rosie wants to do - sandbox, water table, playroom toys... I let her lead and see what mood she is in.

10am-12pm naptime for Rosie. I finally get to shower & get dressed. The it's job time! Painting, tidying, unpacking boxes etc. This is my 2 hour window to get whatever I need to done.

12pm Rosie wakes up and is usally sleepy and cuddly so we make the most of it and have a drink of water and some snuggles on the sofa.

12:30pm Lunchtime - usually leftovers from the night before.

1pm Outside playtime- we alternate between exploring the front garden and running up and down the pavement, throwing the ball for Arthur in the back garden, playing in the sandbox and water table, and exploring the back garden. Rosie loves being outside so I try to let her independently explore, barefoot, engaging when she looks at me for encouragement or to keep her safe, but otherwise letting her imagination do its thing.

3pm From now until dinnertime, Rosie usually becomes quite needy so we usually grab the pushchair and go for a 45(ish) minute dog walk around the neighbourhood. It's hit and miss as to whether Rosie falls asleep these days, but if she does we just park the pushchair outside the front door and leave it open until she wakes up. We are lucky enough to live in a safe, quiet neighbourhood where we can keep an eye on her sleeping and can leave the front door open with no problems.

4:30pm Rosie wakes up, has an apple as a snack, and I start cooking dinner.

5:30/6pm We have dinner altogether and enjoy a well deserved G&T or glass of wine for making it through another day of lockdown! Then Rosie plays until bathtime.

6:30pm bathtime

7pm bottle of milk & bedtime for Rosie! Rob and I cleanup & then usually spend our evening watching tv/painting kitchen cabinets/doing some sort of DIY job depending on how tired we are!

9:30pm bedtime for us. zzzzz.

and, repeat.

I find having structure to our day helps to keep us both in a better mood as we both/all know what to expect next, when our more independant time is, and when we can expect to be solely focused on entertaining Rosie.

It doesn't work everyday - the key is being flexible - but following some sort of order (and an end of day G&T) is keeping me somewhat sane in this weird time!

Amy x

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