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Okay so I'm going to use this as a bit of a diary.. seeing as I didn't do this the first time around and feel like I have forgotten SO MUCH already. So excuse my ramblings...

Finding out!

Baby Fettuccine numero 2 was not a surprise quarantine baby- infact, we have been "trying"/"not-not trying" since Rob finished Ranger school in October last year. Life has a funny way of working out the best time though, and so maybe luckily we didn't get pregnant before packing up our entire life and leaving Italy, or travelling across the world, buying a house in a pandemic & setting up our new life and home stateside....

Seeing as we had been trying for a while and my cycles were pretty irregular, I decided to buy an Ava bracelet which you wear when you sleep and it tracks your basal body temperature and heart rate amongst other things so you know when you are (hopefully) ovulating etc. Amazingly, I had a pretty picture perfect cycle the first month I bought the bracelet, and on 15th May at 6:30am (12DPO) there I was holding a faint, but definitely positive, first response pregnancy test.

I was 3 weeks and 5 days pregnant so VERY early! My only symptoms so far had been a ravenous desire for carbs. ALL THE CARBS. Toast and wheat thins were my best friend, at and and all times of the day. But no aversions so I was also eating pretty normally.

Rob woke up about 1 hour later and I just couldn't wait to tell him our exciting news. He was snuggling with Rosie on the sofa and I handed Rosie the pregnancy test over his shoulder and said "Oh, whats that Rosie, have you got something to tell Daddy?"... He quickly caught on and jumped up with the biggest smile on his face and came round to where I was standing behind the sofa for the biggest family hug. Rosie was going to be a big sister just before her 2nd birthday and we couldn't be happier.

Week 4-6

Nothing major to report for these weeks. Infact, I hardly even felt pregnant and had to pee on 2 more pregnancy tests at various times to even convince myself that I was indeed still pregnant!

Week 6-8

BAM... at 6 weeks, right on cue, the nausea hit me. ALL DAY. Only threw up once though. And the tiredness. That pregnancy tiredness that isn't just the i-didn't-sleep-very-well tiredness, but is an all consuming tiredness where you just feel ill, weak and shakey if you don't do something about it and for me, that meant bedtime straight after Rosie every night at 7:30pm. Food aversions to just about everything, except cold food like sushi... (not raw fish though don't worry!) also tomatoes, broccoli and cucumber are about all I can handle right now and Brioche for when I can finally stomach some carbs! Definitely starting to feel the bloat and waistlines are getting tighter (already!?). Also going to bed early but then waking up 2-3 times each night to pee/feeling uncomfortable. URGH JUST WANT TO SLEEP.

Contacted my doctor for a confirmation and they sent referral to the OBGYN at Womack (having not had a baby through the army system stateside have no idea how this works!). Going to try and get switched to a closer OBGYN though as Womack is nearly an hour away!

Got accepted by Southern Pines Women's Health Center to switch which is ideal as its less than 10minuted down the road and the hospital where I will deliver is 15. Much better. Due to COVID they aren't seeing patient until 12-14 weeks though for initial appointments!! So I think I'm going to book a 8-9 weeks appointment at a little local ultrasound clinic just for peace of mind and because I am impatient and can't wait that long!

Week 8-10

More nausea. Feels like all day... Tummy is definitely expanding quicker this time. Serious bloat in the evenings! Is it TWINS?! How did I do this first time around?! SO TIRED by 7pm. This is hard.

Okay this bump us definitely happening WAY quicker.

More nausea. Less nausea? And some spotting after one of my workouts. Uh Oh... Pregnancy is confusing! Luckily, all turned out to be fine... but less jumping and more modifications for me in the future I think.

Private scan for 8.5 weeks- yay a baby!- JUST ONE (phew), and that wonderful little heartbeat flicker. So nervous going in there just with all the anxieties that come with the unknown. But thankfully, everything looking good with the little bean. That little heartbeat is just the best thing and makes it all feel worth it. I CAN DO THIS.

We decided at this point to tell family and then announce our news on facebook as we were really struggling to keep it a secret with how tired and awful I was feeling, and how excited we were! No Maldives announcement this time... just our letterboard and one of Rosie's perfect little white sleepsuits in her bedside crib... but it was perfect- Rosie by my side helping me (and peeling the letters off the letterboard and rocking the crib making everything 10 times harder!) Yay the news was out!

The nausea seemed to start to subside a little now too.. getting later in the day. I was able to eat breakfast, and lunch some days, and the further I get the later in the day it starts. I think that was the same with Rosie pregnancy too! The tiredness isn't getting any better though.. still in bed at 7:30pm. My trooper of a husband has been amazing though, picking up so many jobs that I usually do or help with. You're the best babe!

Week 10-13

Rob took leave so we managed a little trip away. Nice to just relax, even if the nausea and tiredness still came with us. Serious aversion to all things seafood, which is great seeing as we are near the sea...

But finally the nausea is getting later and later. Starts at about 5pm now so thats manageable! Phew.. nearly made it through first trimester. Really don't remember it being this hard first time around but then maybe I have just forgotten... and didn't have a toddler to run around after! Definitely in maternity clothes now, the bump is here to STAY. Which means a bit of shopping because I don't have any summer maternity clothes from Rosie pregnancy as I didn't really start getting a bump until 16-20 weeks by which time it was October! Not complaining about the excuse for a bit of internet shopping though...!

Have still been managing my SLAM workouts in the mornings 2-3 times a week too all throughout this trimester! Not sure how, and definitely feel tireder on the days I do work out, but they are a real mood booster and a great pick me up to get out of the house to the local lake park at 9am with Rosie a couple of mornings a week. Really enjoying these!

Also finally had our first official appointment and were given a due date of 24th January 2021. Everything looks good and I'm just glad to be finally coming to the end of this trimester. Hopefully 2nd and 3rd trimester bring that glow and love of pregnancy that I remember feeling so much last time! We are obviously thrilled, but coupled with all of the life things/world things at the moment, this trimester has definitely been HARD!

Can't wait for this little bump to keep growing and that second trimester boost of energy!

Amy x

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