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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

1. Slow down. Nothing in Italy is done quickly, and at times as frustrating as this is... everything still functions and everyone is happy. Allora.

2. On a clear day, Dolomite sunrises are still the best I have ever seen.

3. Cherish the memories you make, both good and bad. Cry happy tears at the good ones, and drink wine and laugh at the bad ones.

4. ‘Pepperoni’ means peppers, not spicy pepperoni sausage. A ‘double pepperoni’ pizza is covered in peppers, not meat. Don’t make that mistake.

5. Italian small town hospitality. Invite your neighbours in for a coffee, bring them small unexpected baby gifts, or stop in the street to say ‘ciao’. Our little Italian village still has such a strong sense of community and we love it.

6. Internet is a luxury, not a given {don’t get my husband started on this one}!

7. Expect the unexpected & just go with it. Sometimes things don’t make sense and you just have to say ‘allora’ and get on with it.

8. Driving is a sport. Learn fast, or get your car wing mirror swiped off and a few Italian ‘love marks’ VERY quickly.

9. Italian food > food everywhere else in the world.

10. Almost any problem can be solved with coffee, wine, pasta or gelato. Or a combination of all four.

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