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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

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I have been meaning to start writing a blog for years but for fear of just being another generic lifestyle blog and having nothing unique or interesting to say, I chickened out everytime. But now, with the birth of my daughter Rosie (and so with a hopefully interesting angle?) and with the encouragement of my husband I am going to go for it and hope that life with Rosie is somewhat interesting to someone!

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I'm Amy, a 26 year old stay-at-home army wife & Mummy to our daughter, Rosie, and dog/puppy, Arthur. We have lived in Northern Italy with the US Army for nearly 3 years now and are getting ready to move Stateside at the end of the year.

I take after my own mother and love to take photos probably far too much (to my husbands annoyance - he hasn't quite grasped the concept of insta-husband yet...!) and this blog will hopefully reflect that and also contain some interesting posts about our slightly unusual army life! We have had the opportunity to travel SO much in our time here, and with the arrival of Rosie vowed to not let it stop us - and it definitely hasn't! Rosie is 4 months old and has already been to 4 countries and on 8 flights. Baby travel is certainly different and definitely takes more planning, but it is so rewarding and a total joy to go exploring with Rosie.

For the time being I hope to group posts as follows...

{Motherhood Monday's} As anyone with a baby/children know, they are a HUGE part of your life and with the birth of our daughter in February this year, I have so much I want to share about my dive into motherhood- its been the most wonderful time and I hope to share my experiences and some things that have worked fabulously for us as Rosie has changed our life in so many ways.

{Travelling Tuesday's} We love to travel, and always have done. Anywhere and everywhere. It think its one of the things that we instantly so loved about each other when we first met. These posts will partly be a way to document and look back on our favourite trips since becoming a family, but will also offer some honest reviews, tips and insights into our adventures as a family.

{Wedding Wednesday's} Rob and I got married in December 2017 in the Lake District in England and I would love to share some of our photos, projects and how we planned out our perfect day!

{Throwback Thursday's} Because I am only starting this blog now and have so much catching up to do, its only right to honour the hashtag tbt and post about some of our favourite non-baby trips and life before Rosie!

{Foodie Friday's} We are forever trying to eat as healthily as possibly which is not easy when surrounded by Italian food and wine, but do cook at home most of the time and therefore I would would love to share some of our favourite recipes and also restaurant and all things foodie and Italian! I will try to post as much as I can, with as many photos possible to get this blog up and running and looking pretty but excuse me if I miss a day or 2 due to the inevitable busy Mummy life!

Amy x

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